Commodities are raw materials traded on global financial exchanges through futures contracts. The various trading products bought and sold on the commodities markets include agricultural commodities like coffee and corn, energy products such as natural gas and oil, as well as  precious metals, like gold and silver.

commoditiesThe 10Brokers trading platforms offer a wide selection of advanced trading tools to enable you to stay one step ahead and take advantage of the dynamic, fast paced nature of the global commodities markets. Utilize our professional-grade charting tools and technical indicators to identify emerging trends and seize developing opportunities, as soon as they arise.


Dear clients, we happy to inform you that due to our company growth we swiching our MT4 servers to a biger one. The swiching happen in 00:00 20.11.2017. we believe that the changes will approve the MT4 performance. In the 48 hours it might have that you will not be able to conect the MT4 terminal with the name of the server "TradingTechnologis-Real". In that case you can use the server IP: "" Please, contact our support team if you have any problems with your trading platform.